Whole Hog II

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Release all running cuelist from the faders bank & virtual cuelists.
+ Change to previous page in backward order.
+ Select the fixture in backward order.
+ Open only the Effect Libary window for HogPc.
+ Bring back last clear scene in the programmer.
+ Force the selected fixtures current output into the programmer. ( With fixture selected )
+ Clone - destination fixture no. ' PIG + Copy' source fixture no.
+ Bring out the group window or select the group window. Same goes to 'Focus, Colour & Beam' buttons.
+ Open the Time window permanently.
+ Extract selected fixture output from a cuelist. Fixture 'PIG + Load' cuelist no.
+ View Pages window on screen.
+ View Cuelist Directory window on screen.
+ Fan time on time window, eg.. ' 1, PIG + Thru, 10' to fan 1 to 10 seconds.
+ Automatically select the fixtures from all running cues and extract the output from those cues into the programmer.
+ Extract Intensity from the running cues, same goes for Focus, Colour, Beam for their own attributes. ( With fixture selected )
+ Wheel Extract the wheels' parameter from the running cues. ( With fixture selected )
+ Palette Extract the fixture of the selected preset from the running cues into the programmer.
+ Remove Intensity from a fixture in the programmer, same goes to Focus, Colour & Beam for their own attributes. (with fixture selected )
+ Wheel Remove the wheels' parameter from the programmer. ( With fixture selected )