On this page I will share some knowledge of lighting console and effects that I've seen or
ideas that I've come up with. I will also add some things I find interesting about lighting. I'd be
happy to recieve any questions or comments, you can email me at justinpliteprogrammer.com

[ Whole Hog II ]

Tips to prepare, setup & organize your Wholehog console beforehand. So you wouldn't waste
any time before you start the long programming.

[ Martin Lightjockey ]

Use advance effects and setup to speed up your LJ operation. Make use of hotkey & playback
advance features.

[ Color Mix vs Color Scroll ]

How to maximize color selections by combining Color Mix & Color Scroll in order to achieve
the best results.

[ Visualizer's advantages & disadvantages ]
We know all the advantages, but what kind of disadvantages do visualizers hold ?

[ A Lighting Programmer/Designer's workshop ]
Find out what we have in our workshop; a place where we can focus in designing and programming our work.