Whole Hog II

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Groupings is very much like pre-settings before you start programming. The common way one should at least have all the fixture's positioned on all the peformers on the stage.

To begin with, I would display my 'Groups & Position windows' vertically, 'Colours & Beam windows' will be horizontally. It depends on how you like to view things..

Vertically, I would save groups from the same type of fixtures ranging it from number 1 - 10 for profiles and 11-20 for washs. 21-30 for particular parts like truss 1, truss 2. This is so much more easier as you see the number is vertically ordered such as, 1 - 10, 11 - 20, 21 - 30 and for horizontally it's like 1,11,21,31,41 or 2,22,32,42 all the way till the end with 10,20,30... with this numbering order it will be very convenient to arrange a very good order of groups.

Same goes to the 'Position windows' depending on how many type of fixtures. I will always save group numbers 10,20,30,40 for precise focusing & zooming presets in narrow, wide for the gobo 1, gobo 2 and mix gobo. And not to forget, fixtures with animation wheel.

Prepare some presets for all sorts of strobe. Gobo rotation speed or stop. All sorts of Prism speed.

As for Colors, it depends on a Color Mix or Scoller scroll. I will label it differently. For Scollers I have to make it in order of how the wheel rotates. Then 'merge' in the Color Mix fixtures. And something rather different that I do is, for example color 1 is red (scroller & Color Mix) then I will make a low saturation red on number 100 and maybe a much lower red on number 200, so it will be like strong red no. 1 middle red no. 100 pale red no. 200. With this you can call on any 'red' without looking at the screen. If required, simply turn the encorder for some changes too. Same goes for the rest of the colors.