Name : JustinP
Nationality : Malaysian, permanent resident in Brunei Darussalam

Summary :

I'm a lighting programmer based in Brunei Darussalam, SouthEast Asia. Just these recent
years I started doing lighting design for festivals, annual gala, theatres, corporates & many
more. I have lit shows for famous Malaysian artists such as the Akademi Fantasia 3,
Erra Fazira, KRU, Sheila Majid, Misha Omar.

History :

I started to take part in the entertainment field
when I was 18 and have been doing tech for
2-3 years. Doing various stuff including sound & light
technician and learning a little of everything along the
way. In this field, even with 10 years of experience, there 
is still more to learn. As you always come
across something new all the time. This is also one
of the reason I enjoy my work. My father has been 
a sound engineer for 18 years, I guess this is also
one of the influence. But I'm more into lighting.

I have huge interest in lighting design. Brunei
doesn't have a high level of entertainment. Therefore, I
have been learning through field experience, referring
to manuals and a good friend who shared me his 
knowledge about lighting design.  Through my days of
learning, I've read several console manuals and 
eventually got into operating the console itself.
Another way for me to seek knowledge was by
joining forums. From there I came to know a few 
very good friends who have been sharing
their knowledge & experience with me ever

Since 2005, I've started going solo,
as a freelance lighting console programmer and
as a lighting designer. This is just the beginning
of my journey into the lighting world. I look forward
to meet more new friends in this field and attain
new experiences for my work.
 Thank you all for sharing your experiences with me:
 (Augusto, Surmuri, Arana Joseluis, J.Carlos, Leandro'Hank', Chen)
I'm not a Pro, just a Crazy Lighting Guy