Whole Hog II

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I will explain how programming for some very simple custom effects are oftenly used and using 'Effect engine' effectively. Firstly, one must really understand how it works.

For 'Effects engine', setting the offset level to 50 is approximately one step behind from offset level of 0. Example, a row of 10 fixtures doing a smooth intensity, by selecting the odd change offset to 50 you wil achieve an odd/even intensity effect.

Sometimes using the 'Fanning' feature on the offset can actually achieve better result than using the 'Setting'.

Put 2 effects of ' >circle & <circle' on 2 fixtures, one effect on each, you will get a good invert circle. Save this as a custom effect. It's easier if you want to have a lot of pair fixtures with invert circle effect

Similarly, if you save an effect with 2 fixtures, then the effect will apply on in a 2 by 2 roll. if you save effect of 3 fixture, it will work on 3 by 3 as well.

Grouping can also work with 'Effect engine' too, With a grouping selected, applu a 'setting' and the effect will work with the selected grouping's order. Moreover, 'Fanning' can also be added in instead of 'setting'.

By changing & editing 'Effect engine', the sequence would look inaccurate. If you record it into a cuelist, it will be something different from what you program it to be. To refresh the sequence simply press the 'Blind button' twice.

Wholehog II will work, depending on how the order of the fixtures is selected. If it's not selected accordingly, the Fanning will look differently. When trying to run a Fan effect, make sure the fixtures are selected accordingly.

For fixtures with the Intensity & strobe built into 1 single channel. This will split the channel to 50% intensity & 50% strobe. So make sure the Intensity level doesn't go off to strobe level while runnning an Intensity effect. This should work when lowering the Intensity level to 25%.