Whole Hog II

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In organizing, here I will talk a little bit about how I arrange the 'saved views' on all the Wholehog II with 2 extra monitors. As for Hog II there're only 10 limited slots on the top left screen. And how I use some 'macros' to save all the button pressing.

'Saved views' - by having 4 screens there're many ways to arrange. Cut down 1 slot for palettes, with 9 slots of views. It's best to use it wisely.

'Save views' - depends on what type of event. You might have little intelligents but a lot of conventionals that you need to have the entire window to display the groups. For this you should save a view page just to display the conventionals and if you only have very few intelligents, try changing the fixture numbering to something easier to remember so you wouldn't have a hard time searching for it.

If you need to view more than 1 group window on another monitor, with the groups window select press the cut button(Click to Enlarge) ,Tab+F6 for keyboard.

'Save views' - for Efx as well, so you don't have to press 'Pig+Effects' all the time over and over again. But try to make full use of the 'save views' as wholehog II only have 10 slots. So use it wisely. I usually will rearrange all the most used EFX & custom build EFX starting from number 101; so it won't look messy. And sometimes for clubs I will also arrange the EFX of parameters in order. Like 101 - 110 all P/T EFX, 111 - 120 all Color EFX etc... By preparing your most used effects will save a lot of time tuning the encorder during the long programming.

By any chance, if you overwrite the default views such as 'Output, Programs view' you can still find it by pressing the 'setup' button, you'll find it on the lower right screen. It's not possible to delete a view slot; but you can simply save & overwrite any views slot you want.

'Macro' - record what you have pressed into one palette. There're many uses for this. I often have my 'Macro window' display on the extra monitor up front. I record all sorts of macros.

'Macro' - for shortcut buttons such as Save shows, load shows, Clone, Odd/Even Selection, Knockout, All, None, selected,Prev,Invert,Flip, Grouping 2, Grouping 3, Lamp On, Lamp Off as well because I hardly use this after striking the lamp so I don't think it's necessary to make a preset for this.

'Macro' - for shortcut views such as Control Panel, Patch, Edit Fixtures and certain Save views can be done by macro too when there's no more view slot available.

'Macro' - for performing certain action such as running any EFX, bring all fixtures will light up and point to the center or certain position on stage.