Whole Hog II

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There aren't very much tips & tricks for programming as it's much general in all lighting consoles. I will add some common features that I used all the time. Most of you probably might already know about it.

Clearing certain parameters - press hold 'PIG' and press either 'Focus, Colour, Beam button' to clear the parameters of it. Or you can simply push the encorder for the parameters to clear it.

De-select Palettes by pressing hold 'PIG' and press on the palette you want to de-select it.

If you accidently press the 'Clear button' you can bring back the last scene from the programmer by press hold 'PIG + Clear button'. This will not work if you press the 'Clear button ' more than once.

If you accidently change anything in the progammer, press 'Del button' or Backspace on keyboard to return to the previous edited scene in the programmer. But this feature will only work once. Keep note that this feature cannot bring back parameter that are remove by 'Undo button' . Cannot bring back any scene once it is already clear from the programmer .

By pressing & holding 'Set button' and rotating the encorder will create a 'Fanning' between selected fixtures, this works for all parameters as well as EFX Engine.

By using 'Grouping' -> '2 Part' with 'Fanning' will spread the fixture's parameters evenly 2 by 2 order. Same goes for '3, 4, 8 Part' You can even enter a custom digit too. Always remember to turn off Grouping parts when not in use.

'Invert' - I use this very often during programming. For example, by having fixtures 1-10 intensity at full. I want to turn 5,7,8,9,10 to @50%. Instead of selecting 5,7,8,9,10 I can select 1 thru4 + 6 press 'Invert button' and @50%. This will select the fixtures I want by pressing less buttons than usual.

'Prev' - for selecting the previous selected fixtures or fixtures group.

Clone - copy a fixture parameter into another fixture. First select the destination fixture, press 'PIG + Copy buttons' and enter the source fixture number and press 'enter'. This should work. Take notice on the syntax line for better understanding. And once 'PIG + Copy buttons' was pressed, you can select the IFCBT to be include or exclude during the cloning. You can even clone from fixture 1~3 to 3~1 if you want to create an effects with an opposite order too.

To remove certain parameters from presets. Simply edit the parameter. It doesn't matter if it changes to any value, as long as the parameter was edited. Then press 'Record button', highlight the 'Remove' on the lower right screen. And save on the preset of the parameters that you want to be removed.

With a fixture or fixtures group select, pressing 'PIG + Active buttons' will force the default parameter into the programmer. If the fixture is running from the cuelists, it will force parameter from the all the cuelists.

Extract fixture from a cuelist into the programmer. Select the fixture, press 'PIG + Load buttons' then select the cuelist you want to extract from. You can also select what parameters to include or exclude by higlighting the IFCBT as well.

Fanning Time - setting time for fades & delay, you can actually use 'Fanning' feature on this too. Press 'PIG + Thru buttons'. Example by pressing '1 PIG+Thru 10' will fan from 1 second to 10 second.

Press 'PIG + Time buttons' to have the 'Time window' permanently displayed on the screen.

16bits Resolution - press hold 'PIG button' while moving the encorder to activate it.

Setting Intensity, instead of @50, you can press @5 for the same result and @05 for 5% of intensity. Same for @6 = 60%, @06 = 6%......so on.

You can load preset and it'll automatically load the fixtures that is built within that preset too. Press ' Load button' then the number of the preset, enter. But this will overwrite everything that's running in the programmer. This is good for updating presets without having to select the fixtures first.

Pressing 'Next button' will cycle through fixture selections individually, press 'PIG + Next' for backward order.