A Lighting Programmer/Designer's workshop

A Lighting programmer/designer can spend quite a huge amount of expenses annually. As technology is constantly advancing, we never stop in keeping up with the latest news in this field.

We spend a lot of money and time to build our own workshop. By combining a few lighting softwares, 2 extreme high spec computers, 4 monitors, a projector, wireless networking system, a good lighting console, few DMX-In/Out dongle. Here, I've roughly stated all the elements that you will find in most lighting programmer/designers' workshop.

In order to provide the best results and services to clients, most of us usually have more than 1 lighting software in our tab. Although, most softwares can provide similiar features that we require. But each software has their own specialties, for example, some use Capture, Lightconverse, Esp-vision for programming and design. Wysiwyg, Martin Showdesigner(MSD), LD Assitant for realistic rendering images. Autocad, Vectorworks Spotlight, Stardraw Lighting for drawing and plotting. We choose to provide the best for specific tasks and end up holding a couple of softwares in our hand. And certain softwares require annual subscription fees in order to update and download the latest bugfix or version while some doesn't really require any. Sometimes, newer versions require the latest graphic card for them to perform extensively, so in turn we frequently have to change our computer parts at least once per year.

Furthermore, we have a projector which we mainly use as our visualizer screen or some will use for visual media screen. One PC for the software and another one for media server, all will link up to their own lighting console with dongles. Some console can link up directly with the software by artnet or other protocol through a wireless networking system, of which can save amounts of money on purchasing dongles just to get things connected. And we usually have 2 extra monitors which are connected to our lighting console just to display more information and details which are really necessary when you're dealing with a more complexed programming.

I've explained the purposes of the element of our workshop. We've spent a lot of effort and time for this field and in building our workshop. A place where we will always be found before the show starts. Just to give the audience, clients and of course ourselves a good 'Lighting Show'.