Martin Lightjockey

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Add sequence to cue in slot(Save options of sequence control -> Preference) - this add sequence into desire cueslot on Cue control when you use 'Add Sequence to Current Cue'. (Select which cueslot when you are saving sequence.)

You can add sequence to BG Cueslot and Cue control on the sequence list by right-clicking on the sequence there. (If you prefer to use drag&drop, make sure you have the Drag mode selected.)

Clear fixture from sequence (right-click on fixture -> Clear This Fixture or Clear Selected Fixtures) - this will remove the fixture attributes from the sequence.

Deselect Odd/Even fixtures(right-click screen) - good for selecting odd & even. I usually use this feature along with fixture group.

As this is not a tracking console by adding new scene to the sequence, the new scene will always follow the last scene data before it. And changes made on the 1st scene will not follow on the rest of the other scene. Say you're changing the P/t on scene 1, you will have to change the P/t for the rest of the scene from 2-5. So keep in mind that only new added scenes will be stored. You'll have to edit every previous scene if necessary.

Fade mode(on Sequence Control) - When enable, using playback or next/prev button on the Sequence Control, the sequence will use the programmed fade time. When it is disabled everything will snap to without fading at all. (For skipping the waiting time on sequence control.)

Snapshot (on sequence control) - this is a good feature. Say you are running a mixture of different cues. And you want that look, you can use Snapshot to record that scene into the sequence.

Insert Scene ( on sequence control) - use this feature to create a sequence list from the scene that you've created.

Blind mode ( on sequence control) - there're 2 types of Blind mode -
A) By turning the 'Keep Contents When Entering Blind Mode' on. When you press Blind, the sequence control will stay at the last output. But, any changes on the sequence control will not output until you release the Blind mode.

B) when you turn off the 'Keep Contents When Entering Blind Mode' . Your entire sequence control will not output until you release the Blind mode.

Position resolution ( on screen) - on the Resolution bar. Increase it to move faster and decrease it for precise movement.

Left/Right mouse click for Position (Position window -> Preference) - for right mouse click you can set for 'Mouse mode' or 'Touch mode'. And for Right mouse click you can set for 'Goto Position' which will go directly to that position or ' Lock cursor on grid' will lock the cursor. So, there's no need for holding the mouse click anymore.

Position Options (Position window -> Options -> Position Options) - this is another good feature that I use for creating position preset. For inverting direction of P/t. Try on, it is very easy to use.

Absolute/Relative (On Position window) - during Absolute position mode, fixtures move in the same position attributes. In Relative movement mode all fixtures will move relatively to their own current positions.

Fan Out (Position window -> Options -> Fan Out) - this is another great feature to create good position presets. You can also Fan in custom fixture order by selecting 'Custom'. Use drag & drop method to rearrange the order of selection. Don't forget to save the custom order for future use.

Movement Macro (Position window -> Macro) - this is an Effect generator specifically for P/t movement. You can also create a custom shape by clicking on the 'Bezier Shapes' -> New Shape. Click on the point and drag it to form shape. Very simple, try it to find out more.

Auto Delay (Movement Macro -> 'Auto delay') - this is an Auto Delay system specifically for Movement Macro, use to create a delay between fixture P/T speed order.

Copy Fixtures ('Setup' -> Fixture configuration -> right-click on fixture) - Say you're adding more fixtures; you can copy a fixture from another fixture. So you won't have to re-program everything again. Select the new fixture on the Fixture configuration, right-click on it select ' Copy From Fixture' then select the source fixture to copy from.