Martin Lightjockey

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Hotkeys are considered one of the few important factors to speed up the entire process of programming, navigation & operation throughout the console.

It might be convenient to create 2 sets of hotkey, one for programming and the second for playback time. When you save the hotkeys file into the hotkey folder of the library of that show. You can select the name of the hotkey directly.
Click on the image below :

Hotkeys ('Setup' -> Hotkeys -> Edit Hotkeys) - don't forget to set 'enable' for it to work. You can save & load hotkeys under 'Options'.

'Disable hotkeys in dialogs' ( under 'Options') - this will stop hotkeys from functioning when it's required for naming or moments when you use the keyboard for dialogs.

Scroll Lock - right-click on function, click 'set scroll lock' for the hotkeys to work when the keyboard Scroll Lock is enabled. Click 'Clear scroll lock' to clear.

Assign/Clear Function - select a function and enter a key on the 'Key Combo' blank space. Press 'Assign Function' to assign a key to that funtion, same for using 'Clear Function' to clear the key from that function or you can use the 'Clear Hotkey' button. (You can select a list of functions by holding SHIFT for 'Clear Function'.)

Combination keys - you can use keys to combine with SHIFT & CTRL too.

'Find Hotkey' - very simple, this is used for seraching an assigned hotkey on the function list. Simply enter a key on the 'Key Combo' then press 'Find Hotkey' to search for the assigned function.

'Sequence (Flash), Cue, Cuelist & BG Cue' - same like normal, you can also assign hotkeys for it. Flashing certain sequence, loading on.

Remember to select 'Accept Hotkeys' once you've setup all your functions and save it for future use.

That's all for setting up hotkeys. Here I will list some of the functions I recommend by adding more for the default hotkeys. (SHIFT = add SHIFT with key, CTRL = add CTRL with key, KEY = just the key.)

Global Intensity Functions : -
1) Freeze Output Toggle
2) Toggle Virtual Fingers - it's good when you need some virtual faders
3) FadeIn/Black Out - SHIFT/KEY
4) FadeOut/Restore - SHIFT/KEY

Controls : -
5) Intensity/Intensity Palette - SHIFT/KEY
6) Position/Position Preset - SHIFT/KEY
7) Color/Color Palette - SHIFT/KEY
8) Gobo/Gobo Palette - SHIFT/KEY
9) Beam/Beam Palette -SHIFT/KEY
10) Effects/Effects Palette - SHIFT/KEY
11) Level-Special/Level-Special Palette - SHIFT/KEY
12) P-T Macro/Macro Autodelay - SHIFT/KEY
13) Home Selected Fixtures/FanOut Control - SHIFT/KEY

Other Controls : -
14) Smoke Control/Smoke Button/Smoke Timer - SHIFT/CTRL/KEY
15) Sequence Control/Sequence List - SHIFT/KEY
16) Save Sequence/New Sequence - SHIFT/KEY
17) Sequence Blind Toggle

Cue Functions : -
18) Cue Control/Cue List - SHIFT/KEY
19) Previous Cue Page/Next Cue Page - SHIFT/KEY
20) Save Cue/New Cue - SHIFT/KEY

Cue Control Functions : -
21) Toggle Chase Manual/Toggle Chase Fade - SHIFT/KEY
22) Cue Time Control/Cue Loop Control - SHIFT/KEY
23) Toggle Generic Macro Editor/Macro List - SHIFT/KEY
24) Cue Macro Control Toggle
25) Toggle Cue Builder
26) Cuelist Control/List of Cuelists - SHIFT/KEY
27)BG Cue Control/BG Cue List - SHIFT/KEY

Cue Macro Control Functions : -
28) Pan-tilt Macro FadeIn/Pan-tilt Macro On - SHIFT/KEY
29) Pan-tilt Macro FadeOut/Pan-tilt Macro Off - SHIFT/KEY

Generic Macro Functions : -
30) Generic Macro Engine Off/Generic Macro Slot Off - SHIFT/KEY
31) Generic Macro Engine On/Generic Macro Slot On - SHIFT/KEY
32) Clear Generic Macro Editor

Toggle Seq On/Off : -
33) All Slot Off /BG Cue All Slots Off - SHIFT/KEY

Fixture Selection : -
34) Toggle Inclusive-Exclusive/De-select all fixture - SHIFT/KEY
35) Next Fixture
36) Previous Fixture

Fixture Groups : -
37) Fixture Group 1 till 20
38) Group View - I use SPACEBAR for this, SHIFT+SPACEBAR for Master Intensity