JustinP is a freelance lighting programmer
  Specializing in design, program & console operation
  Philosopy :  
  1. To create a well-balanced show and fullfilling every standard for events
  2. Always look forth in bringing new experiences to the show.
  3. Use the most appropriate lights for specifically required result.  
  4. Always share experiences and ideas with others in the same field as ours.
  5. Provide the knowledge of lightings and bring creative ideas to reality.

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What type of services can he provide ?
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What is a 'Visualizer System' and its advantages ?
Why is it necessary to hire a lighting programmer ?

Services provided :  [ Back to top ]
' Lighting console programming - Provide flexible lighting console programing knowledge for industry standard consoles. ' Lighting console operation - Operate lighting consoles for any events as well as for pre-installed lighting systems such as clubs, ballroom & theatres.
' Capture visualization system - Providing visualization for pre-programmed lighting sequence & preparation for events. Prepare, preview & presenting the show with a visualizer system.

Knowledge of lighting consoles include :
[ Back to top ] ' Flying Pig System ( - Wholehog 500, Wholehog 1000, Wholehog 2PC, Wholehog 2 ' Martin Professional ( - Martin Case Pro 1, Martin Lightjockey ' Avolites ( - Avolites Pearl 2004 ' Chamsys ( - MagicQ PC, MagicQ 100 ================================================================ Knowledge of lighting visualizer include : ' Capturesweden ( - Capture 3, Capture 5, Capture Polar ================================================================ What is a 'Visualizer System' and its advantages ? [ Back to top ] A visualizer system is where you can virtually design, prepare & program the show by computer. The advantages of a visualizer system : Pre-program Visually predict the show and plan changes ahead, even without doing any lighting rehearsals. Cost Saving No need to pay extra rental charges just to dicuss & program on site. Power Reduction Reduces power usage, no more wasting power just to run all the lighting system. Cutting down the usage of electricity power can save a huge amount of budget. Saves Resource Saves time & manpower. Instead of having all personnel & performers on stage to prepare and rehearse the lighting sequence, you can do it with a visualizer. Mobility Programs your show anywhere in your convenience; all lighting sequences are already prepared before setting foot on site. Click on image to enlarge : Why is it necessary to hire a lighting programmer ? [ Back to top ] - Designing, programming the show timelessly with their best efforts. - Assist directors/Designers for complicated lighting sequence. - Able to work with any industry-standard lighting consoles.
- Recommend the most suitable console for specific events.